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Essential Website Security

SSL certificates provide essential security. Without one, your site will be marked as insecure by the major browsers and penalized by search engines.

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SSL certificates with an amazing price.

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Positive SSL

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₹ 811 / yr

Positive SSL Wildcard

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₹ 5,669 /yr

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₹ 5,899 /yr

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Positive SSL Multi Domain

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₹ 1,499 /yr

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Comodo PositiveSSL: Boost Trust with HostingInIndia's SSL Certificates

Comodo Positive SSL Certificates

PositiveSSL is one of the most popular SSL certificates on the market, and for good reason. This inexpensive, hassle-free cert is an ideal entry-level SSL certificate solution for blogs, personal pages and other websites that don’t transact large amounts of user info. Like all low-cost SSL solutions from HostingInIndia, PositiveSSL brings encryption, validation, and trustworthiness to your site.

Secure Wildcard SSL: Comodo PositiveSSL from HostingInIndia

What is Positive SSL Wildcard?

The PositiveSSL Wildcard is a cost-effective solution for securing multiple sub-domains of a single domain. PositiveSSL Wildcard certificates secure unlimited sub-domains and are easy to install. For example, a PositiveSSL Wildcard SSL certificate issued to * is valid for:,,, etc. In addition to the standard security provided by an SSL certificate, the PositiveSSL Wildcard provides PCI scanning, ensuring that all credit card information is handled with the encryption that online customers demand.

Multi-Domain SSL: Comodo PositiveSSL from HostingInIndia

Comodo Positive SSL Multi-domain

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain certificates make it possible for enterprises and web hosts to secure multiple websites easily by including up to 100 domains within a single certificate. An example of this would be a business having,, and within the same PositiveSSL Multi-Domain.

Multi-Domain SSL: Comodo PositiveSSL from HostingInIndia

EV SSL Certificate

Increase your sales with a Comodo EV SSL certificate that displays your verified company name in the certificate details. The trusted SSL padlock symbol in the address bar assures your site visitors that their sensitive data is transmitted by a highly secured, trustworthy domain that uses the strongest possible SHA2 and ECC encryption on all communications. Additionally, the TrustLogo Site Seal and $1 million warranty help with users’ peace of mind.

HostingInIndia Guarantee

From professional business to enterprise, we’ve got you covered!

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Encryption Level

It would take supercomputer thousands of years to crack SSL encryption. All Comodo SSL certificates are armed with 256-bit symmetric encryption.

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Rest easy, if anything ever goes wrong on Comodo’s end and you lose money, you’re covered. Comodo carries very generous warranties.

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Site Seals

Port your domain name over without any downtime or issues to your visitors

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The right SSL certificate can help ease all of those administrative burdens by simplifying the entire management process from validation to installation.

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Letting Comodo authenticate your business is a great way to build trust by providing your visitors with verified information about your company.

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Comodo SSL certificates are among the most cost-effective security solutions available. Why pay more for the same encryption? Seriously.

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Comodo SSL certificates facilitate trust by securing communication and providing visitors with verified information about your business.

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Comodo’s Domain Validation certificates can be issued in just minutes thanks to Comodo’s fully-automated domain control verification system.

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Protect Ad Revenue

Encryption prevents third-party content injection, specifically it prevents ISPs from injecting ads on your website, in turn protecting your ad revenues.

Comodo Security: Safeguarding Your Website - HostingInIndia

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We have your answers!

Once your SSL cert has been purchased, the next step is to have a CSR code generated on the server where your website is hosted. You will need to have a dedicated IP address, or SNI technology active any shared servers. Using a web host that supports third-party SSL certificates, is important, as well, but if you are a HostingInIndia hosting customer, this requirement has already been fulfilled.

When you change your hosting service, believe that your CSR/RSA pair has been compromised, or replace the domain name(s) for which the SSL was issued, you need to have your SSL encryption certificate reissued. Changes to contact details in the certificate may require a reissue, as well. To begin the process, you must generate a new CSR/RSA pair and save your RSA for further installation. Be sure to save your RSA for later steps in the installation. This can usually be done by the user, but your hosting provider may be able to assist. At HostingInIndia, there is no cost to reissue your SSL certificate.

When you purchase an SSL certificate, an expiration date is encoded by the certificate authority, and cannot be changed. Beginning 30 days prior to the expiration, but before the actual expiry date, you must complete the renewal process. When you use HostingInIndia as your SSL provider, we will contact you via email during the renewal window to remind you to take action. The process is easy, and requires only four steps.


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